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December  2011
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From everyone at Passmorelab, we want to express our warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.   


It's been an exciting year for 3D and we've enjoyed reporting on Passmorelab projects and the latest developments in 3D education and entertainment   As we begin preparations for 2012, the future of 3D looks bright.  Price points of 3DTVs are continuing to drop and 3D channels are sprouting up worldwide.  The demand for 3D content is increasing as more and more television consumers learn that the amazing immersive quality of the 3D movies that they see in theaters can actually be experienced in their homes.     

And the power of 3D is being embraced by educators worldwide.  Recent studies continue to prove that 3D provides a "wow" factor in class and increasingly educational facilities are using 3D projectors and learning resources to add a new dimension to education.


3D continues to dominate at the box office and the demand for 3D content is global.  In 2011, one in three moviegoers saw a 3D movie.  Foreign audiences are consuming 3D films with great enthusiasm.  Box offices numbers this summer proved that the international market for 3D is huge and hungry for an even greater supply of 3D content.  


As we enter 2012, 3D has become the most viable avenue to revitalize the consumer electronics industry.   Many industry insiders are anxiously looking forward to all of the new announcements that will come from the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

All of this means it's going to be another exciting year for 3D entertainment - both for consumers and industry professionals.


As the work year comes to a close, use this holiday season to enjoy your time with your family and friends.  Best wishes from all of us at Passmorelab!



For more information visit and/or contact:


'Drop: My Life Downhill 3D' is Now Available for Distribution
PL HalloweenDrop 3D provides a compelling and incredibly cinematic look inside the sport of professional downhill skateboarding.  The film stars world champion Mischo Erban (he was clocked bombing a hill at 80.83 mph (130.08 km/h) on a secret, two-lane county road in northern Colorado - which is the new world record for the fastest downhill skateboarder!) and blends epic mountain freeriding, spectacular race action and a narrative story taken directly from the riders themselves.  Drop: My Life Downhill 3D is 58-minutes long and is available in full stereoscopic 3D for the first time!  Contact:
3D Proves a Hit in the Classroom - 3D Learning Tools Positive for Pupils

3D StudentsA study of the impact of 3D in the classroom has found that it improves test results by an average of 17%.  


ResearchThe research, conducted in seven schools across Europe, found that 3D-enabled learning tools helped children concentrate more and led shy children to speak up in class discussions.


The study assessed 740 students in schools across France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, the UK and Sweden.  On average, 86% of pupils in 3D classrooms improved in test results.  It also found that attention levels soared - with 92% of the class paying attention during 3D lessons.


"It grabbed children's attention and this carried on beyond the 3D episode, it seemed to trigger an interest in learning that maintained through the rest of the lesson," said Professor Anne Bamford, who led the study.  Read OnDownload the 3D Education Research Paper

PL HalloweenPassmorelab is proud to be partnering with the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum ("SDCDM") by providing technology services, equipment and 3D content to contribute to the museum's mission "to inspire children to learn about our world through exploration, imagination, and experimentation."

A team of artists at Passmorelab recently converted the SDCDM logo into an animated 3D image for display at a reception to support the museum's "Path to Discovery" capital campaign.  During the event, in a special screening in the museum's new classroom, PassmoreLab presented segments of its 3D educational films Ocean Voyagers 3D, Inner Earth, Fuzzy Baby Animals and Physics of Surfing.  Los Angeles-based  XpanD Cinema provided 3D glasses and technological support for the special community event. 


Stop in and check out what the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum has to offer the San Diego community!  Read On

PassmoreLab's 'Ocean Voyagers 3D' Wins Best 3D at the New Media Film Festival
PL HalloweenPassmorelab's Ocean Voyagers 3D won the "Best of 3D" category at the recent New Media Film Festival in San Francisco.  The New Media Film Festival is dedicated to the creation, development, and distribution of new media content in all forms and across all platforms.  Read On.  
The Science and Future of 3D Films With Legend3D Founder Dr. Barry Sandrew

Forbes recently published a three part story on The Science and Future of 3D FilmsThe story surrounded an interview with Dr. Barry Sandrew, Founder, COO and CTO of Legend3D - the largest U.S.-based 3D conversion studio in the film business.  Dr. Sandrew explained why 3D provides an advantage both artistically and commercially, and why 3D is here to stay.


PL Halloween"When it comes to 3D, everyone is still in a learning phase," Dr. Sandrew stated. "Some directors who understand the medium are aided by truly knowledgeable stereographers at every stage of their productions, and then there are other directors, who also have a sensitivity toward 3D that prefer to use a stereographer only in a post production mode.  In any visual effects-heavy film, the mastery of the director and cinematographer/stereographer is key to the creation of good or exceptional visuals, and this reliance on both technical and creative expertise is not any different in 3D.  3D offers the filmmaker an unprecedented ability to influence the memory, emotions and even primitive survival instincts of the audience in a manner that is impossible in 2D.  When employed correctly and strategically, and when the appropriate knowledge base is leveraged, 3D can be a very powerful creative medium for the director."


Dr. Sandrew proceeded to make a fascinating point about how the literal physical experience of viewing a 3D film speaks to the artistic advantage it supplies to filmmakers, "Experiencing the depth of three dimensions in a theater environment therefore has the effect of breaking down the ʻfourth wall,ʼ or the separation of the audience from the action on the screen, and makes it a more personal experience."


"With 3D becoming a big motivation for consumers to go ahead and buy a new HD television, manufacturers are increasingly going to want to supply the 3D option.  In the future," Dr. Sandrew states, "it will be difficult to buy an HDTV set that is not 3D-ready!"


In closing, Dr. Sandrew had this final message about the state of the 3D industry, and its prospects for the future: "There is a very exciting outlook for 3D. Anyone with an accurate knowledge base of the industry recognizes that 3D is here to stay and that, in a relatively short period of time, it will become ubiquitous."  Read On

Top 3D News Round Up for the Month

MW in KoreaRepresentatives from Passmorelab Recently Spoke at Two International 3D Events: On December 7th - 9th, at the 3D Stereo Media conference in Liege, Belgium, Greg Passmore spoke about "The Making of the 3D Film: The Extreme Nature of Bats and The Changing Workflow of 3D Conversion" and, at the same time, in Seoul, Korea, Michael Williams gave a lecture about " 3D Content, What is Happening and Where is the Market Heading" during the International 3D Society Award Show.


Martin Scorsese Would Prefer Shooting All His Movies in 3D: 'It's a Natural Progression' - Mr. Scorsese, as James Cameron frequently does, compared 3D to the advent of Technicolor in the mid-1930s. "We view everyday life with depth," he said.  Avatar director James Cameron talks Hugo and 3D with Martin Scorsese.  Read On.  


PL Halloween

New 'Titanic' Poster Touting 3D Re-release Debuts -
The official poster for Paramount's 3D rerelease of James Cameron's epic romance Titanic has been released. Titanic will be released on IMAX and in 3D theaters on April 6 and if the one-sheet is any indication, it will add another layer to the experience previously had when the Leonardo DiCaprio-Kate Winslet tearjerker, written and directed by Cameron, first opened in 1997. At the worldwide box office, the film grossed $1.84 billion. 


3D TV and Projector Sales are on the Rise - According to data from NPD DisplayResearch, shipments of 3DHD televisions rose to 6.6 million units by the end of September 2011.  This constitutes a 27% increase over the previous year.  The research firm also expects that shipments will shoot up another 30% in the fourth quarter and 3D LCD TV market penetration will hit 10% of the U.S. market by the end of 2011. That will bring the total number of 3D televisions in U.S. homes to 21.5 million.  Read On.  


3D in Education, 3D Not Harmful According to The American Optometric Associations Recent Public Health Report - Recently the American Optometric Association (AOA) released a significant public health report entitled "3D in the Classroom: See Well, Learn Well."  The report affords nine core themes: 1) the benefits of viewing 3D in the classroom;  2) the statement of fact that there is no medical evidence suggesting that 3D viewing is harmful;  3) a quirky time line of 3D in history;  4) how our own depth perception works;  5) how we can tell if we are unable to see 3D correctly;  6) how 3D display actually works;  7) research-vetted strategies for effectively managing the 3D classroom in the K-20 setting;  8) the challenges of the 3D viewing experience and what we can do when things don't seem right; and 9) the promising future of 3D.  Read On. 


CESCES 2012 Preview: 3DTV Football, Ultramobile PCs, Wireless, and Some Gadget Sneak Peeks - Despite the ongoing recession, you can expect a bigger product exhibition area in Las Vegas this year, along with live boxing, 3DTV football broadcasts, a concert by the band Chicago, and product rollouts that will include tons of new ultramobile PCs and tablets, a camera that lets you adjust the focus after you've taken a photo, and hordes of other intriguing gadgets. Read On. 


Are Improved 2D to 3D Conversions Key to 3D's Future?  Shooting with a stereo 3D rig and converting existing films from standard 2D format to stereo 3D are two different methods of achieving the same effect on paper.  However, in reality conversions have been criticized and downplayed due to their lower quality when compared to movies like Avatar - that were made with 3D in mind from the get go.  Many film studios are trying to perfect 2D to 3D conversions right now. This approach allows for films to be reborn or recreated for a new audience.  Audiences often have nostalgic and fond memories of many films that they would love to see again. Doing so in 3D would be a whole new experience for them.   Read On.

passmorelab is a San Diego-based stereoscopic 3D studio that specializes in all aspects of 3D production.  The company's California facilities include a full 3D production studio, post production suites and optical and software development labs.  Passmorelab's conversion technology has been used in several major Hollywood films.   As an independent film production company, Passmorelab produces its own 3D films including science and nature shorts, broadcast television programming, and documentary and feature films.  The company also focuses on 3D production for music videos and has worked with several high profile artists such as Slash and Linkin Park.  Passmorelab operates a separate distribution/sales office in San Diego that specializes in the licensing of 3D content to independent theaters, science centers, museums, planetariums, 3D television broadcasts and 3D mobile devices.  More at 



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